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Sentry Appraisal Service is an expert in providing FHA Mortgage Appraisals. We perform residential FHA appraisals on the Fannie Mae form with interior and exterior photos and all FHA required inspections for single family, multi-family and condominiums - including purchase transactions, refinancing and reverse mortgages.

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Purpose of the FHA Appraisal and Property Condition Assessment β€œThe appraisal and property condition assessment is used to determine the market value and acceptability of the property for FHA mortgage insurance purposes. The value serves as a basis for determining the maximum FHA insurable mortgage loan. The appraisal is performed for the use and benefit of HUD, and the lender involved in an FHA transaction. In addition to providing an estimate of value, the appraisal provides an examination of the property for any visible, obvious and/or apparent deficiencies that may affect the livability of that property in terms of basic needs, health and safety of the property's occupants.” [1]

[1] β€œPurpose of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Appraisal and Property Condition Assessment.” U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development